frequently asked questions


How much does it cost?

To answer these types of questions, we will have to visit your home. Each installation is different and, therefore, have different costs. Don't worry, we give FREE estimates! Please call to schedule an estimate or appointment today!

I've already had a home inspection done. Do I still need to have a chimney inspection?

YES!  A home inspector will only briefly look at the fireplace and chimney and they do not know what they are looking for. Only a trained chimney and fireplace professional should complete these inspections and give a safety clearance.  No matter what the inspection report states, you should ALWAYS have a chimney professional do an inspection.  Most home inspectors will recommend a chimney professional inspect the fireplace in their report. 

I'm buying a house. Should I have the chimney inspected?

                      Please don't buy the home without a Chimney Inspection!

Fireplaces are great to have.  Nothing beats sitting in a room on a cold night next to a fire.  But sadly, fireplaces are one of the LEAST maintained areas in a home.  Lots of homeowners either forget or ignore the fact the fireplace needs attention too.  If you don't take care of your fireplace, it can lead to costly repairs.  Make sure before you buy that house with a fireplace that you can actually safely use it without spending thousands of dollars on repairs.   

Why isn't my remote working?

First things first, check the batteries. If that doesn't work, give us a call :)